Agile Solutions Delivery / Agile Coaching / Agile Way of Working

ARH Digital has extensive experience in delivering solutions using Agile methodology. This includes the establishment of an Agile way-of-work that fits the particular clients culture and needs. Defining daily, weekly and sprint wise ceremonies, detailing roles and responsibilities, deciding on how best to write user stroies, use of Agile tools and establishing communication and reporting mechanisms.

Agile certification enables ARH Digital to play the Agile coaching role in working side by side with the client to mentor the client resources until they are ready to take the lead.

ARH Digital takes a highly practical approach using the basics provided by Agile and largely following Scrum principals. The specific way-of-work for each client is developed using iterative Agile, and is usually unique for each client. This includes project planning, ceremonies, daily way-of-work, roles and responsibilities, tools to be used, format of user stories and reporting. It may even include some waterfall elements!

Our Vision
To empower the client to adopt Agile and to successfully delivery innovative technology quickly and frequently.

Our Approach
The first step is to establish an Agile way-of-work and educate all client stakeholders on the agreed approach. ARH Digital will then play the coach and mentoring role on a daily basis. We are able to provide key resources if required including scrum masters. They key to success is establishing and managing the product and sprint backlogs.

    • The product backlog is established through consultation with the client business and key stakeholders. This is essentially a list of technology/innovation requirements.
    • The next step is to size each of the backlog items in terms of size, effort, cost and business benefit.
    • Then the ordering of the product backlog in terms of priority using the unique needs of each client. This is often balancing the highest business benefit items and the size of the effort to complete the requirement. This is then used to establish the backlog for each sprint, ensuring that small enough items are included in each sprint so that workable software is delivered at the end of each sprint.
    • Through the daily standups, backlog planning sessions, retrospectives and other iterative ceremonies we ensure delivery.

Where do we start
It is essential that we have an initial meeting so that we can assess your business and the issues that you are facing. This is at no cost to you. We will then provide you with a proposal as to how we can empower you to unleash the potential of your business by breaking down the barriers that may be constraining it. This will include a proposed cost breakdown. Take action today, only you can make it happen.

 Adriaan Hefer   – – +27 82 339 7047